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Business Philosophy 

Innovation for improvement, green products, concern for the earth, energy saving, professionalism, and enthusiasm are the six pillars of our business philosophy.

The LED lighting industries have been developing rapidly this years. There are many LED advantages for home and business use which makes it no surprise that so many people and businesses are now choosing LED lighting option for their needs. and In the advocacy of the government in using energy saving light, the trend for the development of LED lighting and the concept of environmental protection has become prevalent. 

For residential lighting application, generally use small wattage products, like: LED bulb, LED Tube, LED Down light and so on. For commercial outdoor and industrial lighting application, generally use high power LED fixtures like: LED high bay, LED flood light, LED Area light, LED street light etc.  There is a big difference between small wattage LED light and high wattage LED lighting fixture. LED performance largely depends on correctly engineering the fixture to manage the heat generated by the LED, which causes luminous deterioration of the LED chip itself. Over-driving the LED or not engineering the product to manage heat in high ambient temperatures may result in overheating of the LED package, eventually leading to LED fixture failure. Small wattage LED light is more easy to deal with the heat generated by LED, but for high wattage LED lighting fixture, the heat dissipation technology is still not very mature, that’s greatly affect the LED light’s luminous maintenance and lifespan, caused the additional wast.

Zoweer lighting focus on high wattage commercial outdoor and industrial LED lighting developing, when we build a LED fixture, Zoweer has taken reliable, durable, high stable performance into consideration. From the LED light source, heat-sink, driver to the whole LED fixture’s configuration, we have strict and professional testing before one product launching. The objective is to achieve perpetual corporate development and environmental protection under a win-win situation.

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