Mechanical Drawing or Data Sheet Available

Submitting partially- or fully-completed drawings and /or specification sheets will not only help us figure out what products shall be made, but also ensure that less information lost, and that design specifications are as accurate to your custom requirements as possible for a perfect product.

Different mounting requirement and function is available 
Zoweer is fully capable of working with different mounting solution: wall mounting, ceiling mounting, different pole mounting etc., and different function: dimmable, photo control, PIR sensor, Remote control and so on. These approach will bring us as close to your custom requirements as possible.

I want to modify a Zoweer Current Product
1: Pick any units to modify
2: For quick and easy OEM & ODM solutions, Zoweer has a wide array of standard products for you to modify, re-configure.
3: Each of our standard units can be customized and decide what specifications you'd like to keep.
4: We offer private branding services, including logo & labeling

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