1. Q: What's the difference betweet small LED light and high power LED lighting fixtures?
    A: High power LED fixture is totally different from small LED products (like, T8 tube, bulb....). High power fixture's reliablity is very important, as you know, high power fixture are generally installed in outdoor harsh environment or some very high place application, maybe lamp cost and saving energy are small parts for people considering to use LED. For a big project, the electrician labor cost, lifter cost, fixture maintenance cost etc. are really the big cost. If the fixture failure, you need to re-install again, then the total cost maybe double or even triple up, re-install is not really ending up saving money for customer. So, it is very important for your to choose reliable and durable LED lighting fixtures.  

2. Q: How to choose a reliable high power LED lighting fixture? 
    A: There are three main points to choose a high power LED lighting fixture:
         a). Enough luminous efficiency and light harmoniousness.
         b). High lumen maintenance.
         c). Long average lifespan.  

3. Q: What is UL certification?
    A: UL is one of the oldest testing agencies and provides certification on the safety of products as well as their environmental claims. The UL listing service verifies that a manufacturer can make products that fulfill UL requirements, meaning that any product with the UL listed mark is produced by a company that limits product risks that can be reasonably foreseen. UL does not test each product in this case, instead they authorize the manufacturer to test their products and apply the UL listed mark themselves. However, UL does follow up with the manufacturer on a regular basis to make sure they are following correct procedures to test their products.

4. Q: What is DLC?
    A: The DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) is a project of Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), a regional non-profit founded in 1996. The DLC is dedicated to accelerating the widespread adoption of high-performing, energy efficient commercial lighting solutions. In collaboration with industry stakeholders, DLC defines high performance through technical requirements, facilitates thought leadership, and provides tools, resources, and technical expertise to members and industry.

        DLC is a voluntary certification initiative for LED technology requiring lighting products to comply with minimum performance standards in three critical areas: distribution, color, and longevity/stress. Testing to DLC requirements must be completed by an Accredited Laboratory, and test results submitted directly to the DLC by the manufacturer. DLC is a utility-based initiative; numerous utilities nationwide base rebate programs on DLC standards for products including Flood light, high bays, wall packs, roadway luminaires used in commercial, industrial, or outdoor applications.

5. Q: What is Lighting facts?
    A: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) created the LED Lighting Facts program to assure decision makers that the performance of solid-state lighting (SSL) products is represented accurately as products reach the market. Sensitive to the setbacks that plagued consumer adoption of other new technologies, DOE developed the LED Lighting Facts program to manage user expectations and prevent the exaggerated performance claims that are often prevalent with new technologies.
        Becoming an LED Lighting Facts partner requires a commitment to supporting improvement of the quality of SSL products, as well as using the LED Lighting Facts labels and logos according to program guidelines. Each partner must pledge to honor this commitment and uphold program goals specific to each partner type. The LED Lighting Facts Partner policies are designed to answer partner questions about the program and clarify the expectations of partnership. The policy links address the process for becoming a partner, appropriate use of the LED Lighting Facts label and graphics and policies unique to each of the partner types. Your continued partnership and use of the LED Lighting Facts website indicates that you agree to all of the terms and conditions. The content is subject to change at any time, should the program need to adjust policies and procedures. Partners will be notified of any such changes when they occur. 

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