About us

Zoweer Vision:With the demand for green lighting, the development of continuous and growth, we seek to the forward footsteps and everlasting Lighting.

Zoweer Management Strategy: stand a brand, create value and innovation life.


Zoweer Mission:

-Return to natural light, light up human's nature life.

-Offer the competitive quality, price and service; 

-Create the maximum value constantly for staff, clients and society.

Zoweer Spirit: 

Honesty | High Efficiency | Excellence | Innovation

Zoweer Core Value: 

To tell the truth.

Objective | Truth | Exploration | Cooperation | Win-win

Zoweer Human Resources: Try to have a common goal, while there are different opinions, avoid moderation thinking, ostensibly agreed, privately disagree with the company's point of view.

Zoweer Quality policy: 

-Strive for survival on the basis of quality

-Strive for development on the basis of innovation


-Serve the customer wholeheartedly

Zoweer Innovation:
Technical innovation as the foundation | Managerial innovation as the competitiveness | Service innovation as the bridge connecting customers

Zoweer Working Strength:

-Teamwork: work together for the development of both individuals and company, for the satisfactions of clients, for the harmony and evolution of the society.

-Sincerity: be sincere & credible to the Zoweer, to the customers, to the shareholders, to the employees, and ultimately to the society.

-Innovation: develop more effective management for the company, more perfect goods for the society.

-Flexible: do our best to support customer, provide the fastest response during our service.

Zoweer Attitude:

In the domain of research and development, we build up on the foundation of environmental protection in developing innovative products to satisfy the needs of the customers. As a member of the earth, Zoweer makes effort in reducing gas pollutants and solid waste, and no damage to the environment. We also commit to develop green product in conformity to the notion of environmental protection. For the customers, we shall provide absolute professional knowledge as per their needs and hearty service attitude for the full satisfaction of the customers. 

Low-carbon is fashion, the environmental health, Zoweer lighting leads low-carbon life.

Green is a naturally beautiful hope, Zoweer lighting conveys green living.

Energy-saving is a virtue, the spirit of Carry forward, Zoweer lighting advocates energy-saving life

Zoweer Lighting, make a great difference in your lighting life.

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